The Best Methods you can use to Stop Smoking

Before you start on any type of program in order to stop smoking. It is important to know about the flawed approaches as well as effective approaches you can use. Below are the common methods used today and helpful tips for you to achieve your goals.

Gradual Reduction

This is a very flawed strategy and this is due to the fact that nicotine is highly addictive. When you start to decrease the amounts of nicotine you take in will cause you to increase the value on the cigarettes you do smoke and increase your levels of cravings.

Nicotine Patches

This method of approach is another flawed strategy as the techniques involves reduction in the amount of nicotine intake on a gradual level. The difference in this method is the nicotine is absorbed through the skin instead of inhaled into the lungs. Another reason that this method is undesirable is the side effects that can cause unpleasant rashes, itching and burning to your skin. There are also e cigarettes which contain small amount of nicotine, used by vaping e-juice.

Medication to Stop Smoking

There are certain brands of medication available today that have proven to be an effective method for a few individuals to stop smoking. However, these specific medications come along with adverse or strong types of side effects. This has resulted in a majority of smokers who are unable to continue taking the medication.

Some of these side effects may include: depression, sleepiness and feeling dizzy. When these side effects appear it has been advised to reduce the dose gradually in order to stop the medication. Stopping the medication suddenly has been known to cause depression and negative mood swings.

Stop Smoking on Your Own

It has been reported that only ten percent of the population of smokers are able to stop smoking by themselves. The process involves not smoking from the day of quitting and requires dedication a strong will and continued motivation and support from friends and family members. After three weeks nicotine can be totally eliminated from the body and help the smoker to believe that they are able to stop smoking for good.


Most smokers need all the help they can get to quit smoking on a permanent level. Hypnotherapy used to stop smoking has gained much interest and popularity over the last few years. The method uses the belief system that all goal setting and reaching goals needs to begin in the mind.

The hypnotherapy sessions are known to be effective because individuals learn to utilize their minds in a positive way, rather than the mind working against your goals in quitting smoking. The positive mind set results in a motivated and focused way to deal with cravings and the stress related with quitting smoking. The technique uses a complete and clean break from nicotine, and helps to eliminate the desires to smoke by approaching the unconscious area in the mind.

Every individual who wants to stop smoking may need to go through a number of methods and techniques before reaching their goal of quitting smoking.